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In Giving We Receive

We started as a handful of volunteers who discovered we could make a difference to the lives of children in a small school in Kathmandu.

And as we made a difference in their lives, so too they made a delightful difference in our lives. Within three years we established an NGO in Nepal and now employ a full-time manager , we lease three houses  all with wonderful housemothers that are now home for more than 25 children. We also sponsor more than seventy children so that they can receive full-time education.

For us making a difference is not about giving answers, rather we seek to provide education and empowerment so that these children will be able to create opportunities and discover the potential that every future holds.

And as we Give, so we too Receive a new insight into the possibilities of tomorrow.

Just Manna

Just Manna along with others at St Paul’s have welcomed refugees into our community and at times into our homes, befriending & supporting them through the early difficult weeks of orientation to their new surroundings and helping them meet the challenges of mastering a new way of life, language & in finding work. Unlike larger support agencies, Just Manna continues to maintain relationships with many of our clients for years beyond the initial connection. 

Through our networking with the Street Doctor, the work of Just Manna has significantly expanded in the area of providing assistance to those in our community who find themselves either living on the streets or in inadequate accommodation.

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