St Paul's Beyond Inc. - A Brief Introduction

We are a Western Australian registered not-for-profit organisation that is committed to extending and supporting the work of the St Paul’s community BEYOND the boundaries of the Church. We recognise that in sharing our gifts, and in distributing our wealth we can be creative of life today and in the future.

Registered Address:

162 Hampton Rd Beaconsfield

Phone 08 9335 2242


SPBI Objectives

* Promote and to demonstrate the blessings, love, grace and empowerment of the Divine without restriction as to human condition and lifestyle, denomination or creed.

* Assist and support both domestic and international community-based organisations to develop assets, resources and activities associated with the pursuit of a community services mandates.

* Seek to alleviate poverty, suffering, hardships, disadvantage, and discrimination in the community and to provide access to safe and caring community facilities, activities and services.

* Develop a long term sustaining and enduring financial and resources base with which to promote the goals and objectives of the Association.

Supporting Community Development

By making real the Spirit of Community and seeking to bring light into the lives of those living in the shadows.

St Paul's Anglican Church

162 Hampton Road, Beaconsfield WA 6162

 (08) 9335 2242

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