St Paul's Beyond Inc.    (SPBI)

A bequest, or legacy, can be the most important gift you ever give.

By remembering our community activities in your will, you are ensuring future generations have a foundation on which to continue the work we are already engaged in today.

An opportunity to give toward the future of others

The institutional Church and the mainline denominations are rapidly losing their place in a secular world. Some would say that in another generation or two they will no longer have a living presence in the world. For the past twenty years or so St Paul’s has evolved beyond the institutional model into a very much community centred and supported Church community that has remained relevant in a changing world.

St Paul’s BEYOND Inc. is a practical outworking of our commitment to the future of all that we have built on the foundations of yesterday, and it gives us an opportunity to secure our relevance into the future,

and a commitment to closing the gap between rich and poor

Be Part of Creating a
New Future
Why would I leave my inheritance to St Paul's BEYOND Inc.?

What we have accumulated during our life journey we often see as that which we will pass on, and for most that means to members of the family. This understanding of 'wealth' is the greatest contributor to the gap between rich & poor in the world, for those who "have" never release their abundance to those who "have-not".

By "giving" of our abundance to enable 'others' to enjoy  all that we have, we close the gap, and we make a real difference in the lives of others.

By sharing in the aspirations of St Paul's BEYOND Inc. we can ensure that we continue to 'give' life to those who are in need, and those who do not have the opportunities we enjoy.

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